Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Annual General Meeting 2020

The pandemic has disrupted the working lives of so many and the information that is needed to produce a complete report will not now be available until after the current planned date for the AGM.

The Accounts and Audit (Coronavirus)(Amendment) Regulations 2020, introduced by the Government in April 2020, extended the deadline for the publication of audited accounts until 30 November 2020. Since the audited accounts form an integral part on the annual report, the report will not now be available until after this date.

The Chair of the Pension Fund Committee, Councillor Eric Kerry, stated that: ‘It is unfortunate but at the moment we do not have the final figures that will allow us to complete the usual annual report. By postponing the AGM until January, we will be able to provide the information expected of us by all of our contributors. This will also give us the opportunity to use the time productively and use the date of the November meeting to provide a training session for committee members on property issues’