Local Pension Board

The County Council has set up the Local Pension Board to ensure that the pension scheme is properly run.  In formal terms, the Board assists the County Council to secure compliance with pension legislation, and ensures the effective and efficient governance and administration of the pension scheme.

The Board has eight members. Four members represent employers in the pension scheme, and four represent scheme members. James Lacey is the Chair of the Local Pension Board.

Terms of Reference

The exercise of the powers and functions set out below are delegated by the Full Council to the Local Pension Board:

a. Responsibility for assisting the Nottinghamshire Pension Fund Committee and its sub-committees: 

  • To secure compliance with all legislation relating to the governance and administration of the Local Government Pensions Scheme in Nottinghamshire and the requirements imposed by the Pensions Regulator and,
  • To ensure the effective and efficient governance and administration of the Local Government Pension Scheme in Nottinghamshire

b. Authority to request information with regard to any aspect of the Council's function as Administering Authority of the Local Government Pension Scheme in Nottinghamshire, any such request to be reasonably complied with.

c. Authority to make recommendations to County Councils or the relevant committee, any such recommendations being considered and a response made within a reasonable period of time

d. Authority to escalate serious concerns (relating to potential fundamental breach of legislation or governance failure) to relevant body

NOTE: - 

The Board and all Board Members are required to comply with the Nottinghamshire Local Pension Board Code of Practice.


The Board Members

Name   Representing  Job Title/employer (if applicable)



Scheme Members Not applicable



Scheme members (trade union  representative) Supervisor Motor Vehicle Mechanic, Ashfield District Council



Employers (County Council) Councillor, Nottinghamshire County Council


 Lacey (Chair)

Employers (large employer) Director of Finance, Nottingham Trent University



Scheme members Chief Financial Officer, Nova Education Trust



Scheme members Not applicable



Employers (City Council) Councillor, Nottingham City Council



Employers (small employer) Finance Director, Autism East Midlands


Additional Information

Code of Practice

 Board Meetings

 Financial Advice

  • The Board receives independent advise from John Raisin Financial Services Limited.


  • For further information about the Local Pension Board please contact us.