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Annual Benefit Statements (ABS)

General FAQs

What is an Annual Benefit Statement?

This is a document that we issue once a year to advise you of the current position with regard to your pension savings.

What should you do with this statement?

Use the details to help make financial decisions and plans.  Keep it for your records.

Why haven't I received an Annual Benefit Statement?

You may not have received a statement due to a variety of factors depending on whether you are an active member or a deferred member.

Can I have a re-print of my Annual Benefit Statement?

If you have a query which changes your pension benefits you will be issued with a re-print. Please note re-prints will only be issued at the end of November 2024.

If you have a query which relates to the personal details such as an incorrect address, use the forms in the change of details section. Re-prints will not be issued but will be reflected in your 2025 statement.

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