About the fund

As at 31 March 2021 the fund was valued at approximately £6.1 billion, with around 300 contributing employers and around 44,000 contributing members.

Aims and purpose of the fund

The aims of the fund

  • to keep the contribution rate as constant as possible at reasonable cost to the taxpayers
  • to manage employers’ liabilities effectively
  • to ensure that sufficient resources are available to meet all liabilities as they fall due
  • to maximise the returns from investments within reasonable risk parameters.

The purpose of the fund

  • is to receive monies in respect of contributions, transfer values and investment income
  • is to pay out monies in respect of scheme benefits, transfer values, costs, charges and expenses as defined in the relevant government regulations.

Investment pooling

The aim of investment pooling is to use the combined buying power of partnered funds to reduce costs, improve investment returns and widen the range of available asset classes for investment – all for the benefit of local government pensioners, employees and employers. LGPS Central (“the Pool”) is the asset pool which Nottinghamshire Pension Fund jointly owns with seven other LGPS funds in order to meet the government’s criteria for investment pooling issued in November 2015. The Pool has obtained FCA authorisation and manages collective investment vehicles on behalf of the participating funds.

The other partner funds are:

  • Cheshire Pension Fund
  • Derbyshire Pension Fund
  • Leicestershire Pension Fund
  • Shropshire Pension Fund
  • Staffordshire Pension Fund
  • West Midlands Pension Fund
  • Worcestershire Pension Fund

The LGPS Central Joint Committee consists of one elected member from each Council of the eight partner funds. The Committee meets twice per year, and its papers are available (after clicking, scroll down and expand the section entitled "LGPS Central Joint Committee").

Annual Report and AGM

Recent Nottinghamshire Pension Fund annual reports

The Fund’s most recent annual meeting, covering the financial year 2020/21, was held virtually on Monday 17 January 2022.

Documents from 17 January 2022 AGM

Documents from 21 January 2021 AGM

Documents from 3 October 2019 AGM

Documents from 4 October 2018 AGM

Documents from 5 October 2017 AGM


This section gives details and links about the pension fund investment strategy.

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Governance & strategies

This section explains the governance and strategies applicable to the administration of the fund.

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Responsible Investment

This page outlines the Pension Fund's approach to Responsible Investment

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Environmental Risk



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