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Payment of pension

LGPS pensions are paid monthly, on the last banking day of the month.

  • Your pension is paid directly into your bank or building society account by BACS (Bank Automated Clearing System). 
  • Unfortunately payments cannot be made into a Post Office account

When your pension starts, we will send you pay slips for the first three months. 

After that, a pay slip will be sent to you in March, April, May and June of each year.

Alternatively you can opt to receive a monthly online payslip. 

If you have a query on the receipt of your pension please contact us

Changing your bank details for payment of pension

If you change your bank/building society account, you will need to inform the Payroll Services department so that we can continue to pay your monthly pension to you. For security reasons, this information cannot be taken over the telephone.

Please note payments cannot be made into a Post Office account.

To notify us of a change of bank / building society account details, you should complete and submit the Change of Bank Details for the Payment of Pension Form.

Do I pay tax on the pension I receive?

Your pension is taxable.

Initially when we set up your pension payment HMRC require us to put you on 0T tax code, which means that tax will be deducted at 20%.

We advise the Tax Office that your pension has started and in turn they advise us of the correct tax code for you, taking into account your personal tax position.

Employer's Tax Reference

The Employers Tax Reference is shown in the top right section of your payslip.

This is the Authority’s tax reference for all pensioners, and you should quote it on all correspondence with HMRC (Tax Office).

Life certificates

The Nottinghamshire Pension Fund periodically issues life certificates to pensioners for completion as part of our Audit requirements.

Our Audit requirements are that Nottinghamshire County Council LGPS pensioners are to complete an annual life certificate. This is to verify that the pensioner is still entitled to a pension and that the correct address is held on our system.