Reporting the death of a pensioner

Who should my next of kin notify if I die after retirement?

It is important that we are notified as soon as possible following the death of a pensioner so that we can take the necessary steps to cease the pension and calculate, if applicable, any dependants benefits.

When you register a death at your local Registrar’s Office, they will let you know if the Tell Us Once service is available in your area. If it is, then you may ask the Registrar to report the death to a variety of government organisations including Nottinghamshire County Council’s Local Government Pension Fund.

If you do not choose to use Tell Us Once or it is not available in your area, then you are required to notify the Pension Fund by post, telephone or email, or by the Contact Us online form.

Pensions payments are processed during the middle of the month, so depending on the date of death or when you tell us, then an adjustment +/- of pension will be required. 

We will require the following information regarding the deceased pensioner:

  • The name, address and date of death

  • The pay and national insurance number, this can be found on the pensioner's latest pay slip

  • The name and address of the next of kin

  • The name and address of the person dealing with the Estate, if different from the next of kin.

 Please contact us.