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This section gives details and links about the pension fund investment strategy.

The functions of the Council as administering authority of the pension fund are delegated to the Nottinghamshire Pension Fund Committee. 

It is the responsibility of the Committee to determine the overall investment strategy, the type of investment management to be used and what restrictions, if any, are to be placed on particular types of investment and the location, by market, of those investments. These parameters of the fund are contained in statutory publications, principally in the Funding Strategy Statement and the Investment Strategy Statement. Fund policies are found on the Fund policies page of this website.

The pension fund is invested in a diverse portfolio of government and corporate bonds, equities and property. The Annual Report, which includes the Statement of Accounts, contains more information on fund holdings, fund performance and management arrangements can be found on the Fund and valuation reports page.

List of holdings

Details of the holdings of the fund in specific asset classes are available in PDF format for you to read online, save to your PC or print.

Any queries relating to the direct property holdings of the Fund should in the first instance be directed to the property portfolio manager, abrdn.


The Nottinghamshire Pension Fund aims to secure the long-term prospects of the companies it invests in by actively voting at shareholder meetings.

The fund supports the UK Stewardship Code and uses a proxy voting service, currently Federated Hermes EOS, to vote on its behalf in line with principles laid down by our pool LGPS Central [PDF].

NB. The proxy voting service was provided by PIRC until December 2019.

The most recent quarterly Voting Reports are available for you to download, print or read online.


The most recent actuarial valuation of the fund is available here:

The Pension Fund Committee also receives quarterly reports on fund valuation and performance and regularly questions fund managers on their performance.